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All the content on Lost Readers is protected by copyright. Lost Readers website even includes links to third-party websites. These websites are not under the control of Lost Readers (https://lostreaders.com) and no one from Lost Readers (Authors, Administration or anyone) will be responsible for the content provided by these third-party websites.

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Lost Readers is an entertainment website and provides information related to movies, television, games, and celebs. Sometimes, the information can be inaccurate or may contain errors. So, Lost Readers does not provide any warranty as to the reliability of the site’s content. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies and errors and no one from Lost Readers will be liable for it.


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Lost Readers is not connected with any brands, celebrities or with anything that is mentioned on the website. Content related to item values, celebrities net worth etc are approximate values and may not be correct. Other articles are opinion based and should not be considered factual, and you agree that Lost Readers will not be responsible for this.

Images used on Lost Readers are not our own property. But we try our best to provide credits to the original creator of the content. Still, If you think that image or content used on the website is yours then please e-mail us and we will get it removed.


Lost Readers allows users to comment on the articles published on the website and by commenting you agree to the following guidelines:

Users can post comments as long as the content of such comment is not illegal, obscene, threatening, libelous or racist and conforms to the Terms of Use herein.

The content of such statement shall not invade someone’s privacy or infringe anyone’s intellectual property rights.

The user will remain responsible for the content of their statement. As such, the Website does not control the content of statements posted and cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, nor the veracity of the information published on this Website. The Website (Lost Readers) herein will not be held responsible for the content, existence, nature, quality, legality, security and conformity of any comment posted on this Website.

You agree to communicate information that is true and genuine and is not in breach of any law or regulation in force. Lost Readers reserves the right to modify or delete comments which breach the Website’s policies.

By submitting a comment on our website you agree that your comment can be edited to correct errors, remove the hateful language, or otherwise alter or remove your comment without providing notice to you. Email addresses submitted with comments will not be used for spamming.


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The website includes many ranges of topics like legal, tax, financial and more. You should not rely on the individual advice on such issues and should inquire from professionals. You and only you will bear the sole responsibility for risks associated with the use of the Web site’s content (Lost Readers).

Limitation On Liability

Lost Readers or anyone from Lost Readers (Authors, Administration or anyone) will not be liable to you or any third party for any Indirect, consequential, incidental, damages, lost profit due to the use of the website’s content.

You agree and acknowledge that damages which you will incur arising out of Lost Readers act’s, omissions, or use of website content will be your sole responsibility and Lost Readers (Every person related to it) will not be responsible for your loss and you will have to bear the loss by yourself.



LAST UPDATED:- 6th March 2018